Me in my studio





Here I am in my small but serviceable studio in Northcote. Note the blank canvas behind me. I am waiting for the muse to come again. The mask I am holding is moulded from my own face. A fellow artist, Peter Wegner made it for me some years ago, maybe ten, at his house with the help of Jenny, his wife with me trustingly lying on their kitchen table. I had sought out his services as I knew that he made plaster moulds.  He was experimenting at the time with some new pink latex material I think it is or was used by dentists to make impressions of peoples mouths for dentures. The experiment could have been more successful but for the fact that instead of using Vaseline on my face to create a greasy layer to prevent sticking he had used some other sort of less greasy cream which had just absorbed into the skin. Consequently after allowing the mask time to set it had quite firmly attached itself to my face. After much tugging and pulling and what felt like a long time, ( it is quite a claustrophobic experience to have an alien substance covering and clinging to your face with just a straw to breath through). In those more panicky moments I had visions of my face being sucked completely off and of the scene from The Alien when a guy has that alien octopus thing attached to his face. I think that we were all a little worried for a short time until finally it came away taking with it much of my eyelashes and eye brows and general fine facial hair. The hairs can still be clearly seen as proof imbedded in the plaster mould . He only charged me $40 for the mask, I think that it would have cost me a lot more if it hadn’t been for the trouble. Anyway the mask has proved to be a really useful thing to have and I have referred to it and continue to refer to it in my artwork so thankyou Peter.